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Famous economist Michael Burry, played in "The Big Bet", predicts crisis caused by the fall of crypt

Currently, Burry is head of Scion Asset Management, an investment manager. He had a stake in the IPO of video game giant GameStop (GME) in 2019, when he showed full support for the company's entry on the stock exchange. However, his vision quickly changed in 2021, when the WallStreetBets group and Reddit communities staged an artificial valuation of the company's shares in January, a move that later turned to the cryptocurrency meme dogecoin (DOGE). He was vehemently against this type of “unnatural” action in the market. “If you invest in GME and do well, I'm genuinely happy for you,” he wrote in a tweet in January. “However, what is happening now must have legal and regulatory repercussions. This is unnatural, insane and dangerous.” In his most recent Twitter posts, Burry also said that the biggest problem with cryptocurrencies is their unpredictability compared to other financial assets, "regardless of how much you think you know about the subject." Burry was played by Christian Bale in the film version of Michael Lewis' 2008 financial crisis bestselling book "The Big Bet." Originally a physician, graduated from the School of Medicine at Vanderbilt University, he was one of the pioneers in adopting stock market discussions in online forums, which led him to direct his career towards professional investment. Based on the text by: Bruno Ignacio Mark 2 friends in the comments! #meijicoin #meiji #meijishirine #WavesExchange #trader #JPMorgan #Google #Dogecoin #Binance #Coinbase #OKex #Kraken #ElonMusk #Tesla #Spacex #Amazon #PayPal #EmperorNaruhit2 #DEX #SEGA #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptotrading #blockchain #investors #cryptoexplorer #cryptocurency

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